Workers Health Centre Remains Operational during COVID 19


To all our valued clients, insurers and stake holders please be advised that the Workers Health Centre WHC remains Operational during COVID 19.   Like all businesses we have reviewed our operating procedures with a focus on the safety of our staff, contractors, clients, insurers and other medical professionals we deal with.  It is intended that the WHC will operate as close to normal as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak, taking account of any protective measures recommended by NSW Health.   WHC will  utilise Zoom, teleconferences and other electronic meeting arrangements instead of face to face meetings where practicable.    Our allied medical professionals will apply common sense and their professional judgement and in the event that face to face visits with clients or site visits are required they will follow the advice of NSW Health related to personal hygiene client screening.


We ask that our colleagues utilise technology such as Zoom for case conferences and other meetings.   We have set up a Zoom account to facilitate large meetings with both staff and consultants, insurers, employers and other health professionals.  WHC can arrange to assist set up Zoom if required.


The Workers Health Centre is now set up to operate remotely without any disruption to our day to day activities.  We have made a decision in the interests of health and safety that the Harris Park office will be closed from Monday 23 March and will only be open on an ad hoc basis until the situation changes.   


Thanks for your ongoing commitment to the Workers Health Centre.  We appreciate these are difficult and uncertain times however our clients still need assistance and we will do our best to ensure that we can continue to help injured workers as we have done for over 40 years.