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Referral Form

This form is to assist us with your (injured worker) claim. We are focused on excellent results, and are a not for profit organisation. If you need any assistance filling this form out please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9749 7666. Our friendly team of consultants would be more than happy to help you out.

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What happens next?

One of our friendly consultants will be in touch. We will then arrange a time to meet with you to discuss the background to your injury and plan for your recovery and return to work. We are committed to working together with you, your doctor, the insurer and your employer to ensure YOU get the support you need and the best possible return to work outcome.

1. Initial Meeting

First we organise to have a meet and greet with you and your employer. If you’re not at work or have no capacity to work, that’s okay, we’ll ask you to pop down to our office.

On our first consultation, we discuss with you the background to your injury, your progress to date and any concerns you may have with your return to work and recovery.

2. What’s possible for you?

We then review the work that you usually do as well as the suitable duties or light duties your employer has available for you while you recover.

This process is very important in planning your return to work and guides the stages we would need to go through to assist you to return to your work in full capacity.

3. On Doctor’s Orders?

A meeting or case conference with your doctor occurs within a few days of us meeting with you. We discuss with you and your doctor your progress with treatment, your current work ability and hours of work.

We also help address any questions you may have about your recovery and return to work.

At this meeting we also explain to your doctor the duties we may have reviewed and discuss what may be suitable as light duties for you.

4. Review and Check

A return to work plan is discussed and used as a reference for what you can do at work, until you have your next review with your doctor.

Often a staged return to work plan is discussed with your doctor that covers a six to eight week time to help you set some goals toward doing a little more at work while you recover.