For Injured Workers

What do you do when you are injured at work? What is the next step and process?

This is where our experience comes in to help you.

Rehabilitation Information for Injured Workers

Under the NSW Worker’s Compensation System, you are entitled to Occupational Rehabilitation if you sustain an injury or illness as a result of your work. The Workers Health Centre is a SIRA NSW accredited Rehabilitation Provider.

As a rehabilitation provider our role is to help you get back to work safely following an injury or illness. We are an independent team of qualified health professionals who can provide specialist services to assist you to return to your fullest potential at work.

The Workers Health Centre has a strong working relationship with 22 affiliated Unions and has provided union members quality rehabilitation and OHS services since 1976.

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Quick guide on steps to take in managing your injury

1. See the doctor

If you are injured or fall ill at work, it’s imperative that you seek immediate medical treatment. As an injured worker you have the legal right to nominate your own treating doctor or another doctor of your choice. You cannot be forced to attend a doctor nominated by your employer.

It’s important for you to understand this is a legal right and to have confidence in your treating doctor. The doctor provides ongoing treatment for the injury/illness and completes a Work Capacity Certificate which indicates if you are completely unfit or if you have some capacity to work.

2. Report the injury to your employer

This will enable you to receive treatment and income support if necessary. You may not receive compensation if you resign prior to reporting the injury. Your employer, on request, must provide the name and address of their insurer.

3. Submit a worker’s compensation claim

Ask your employer for a claim form, fill it in and give it back to your employer with your Work Capacity Certificate. Some large employers will have a phone number, hotline, or online form to report the injury and lodge the claim.

Keep copies of all documents including claim forms, receipts, etc. If you need assistance, contact your union.

4. The right to choose your own rehab provider

The Worker’s Health Centre is approved by SIRA to act as a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider. We are independent and always act in your best interests to achieve a durable return to work. Any Injured Worker (or your union on your behalf) can make a referral to a rehabilitation provider as long as there is a need for professional and impartial occupational rehabilitation services.

As an injured worker you have the legal right to nominate a Rehabilitation Provider of your choice. You cannot be forced to use the Rehabilitation Provider nominated by your employer or their insurer. We will work with you, your union, your employer, their Insurer, and all other parties to develop your Injury Management Plan. Click this link to our on-line referral form.

5. Participate in an injury management plan (IMP)

If you have sustained a serious injury which means you can’t return to your pre-injury duties within 7 days, the insurer has a responsibility to develop and implement an Injury Management Plan (IMP). The IMP will outline how services and employment will be coordinated and provided to achieve the best outcome for you.

The plan outlines how treatment will be made available for you and can include workplace rehabilitation. The Workers Compensation legislation requires all parties to comply with the IMP so it’s important that you get involved with the Workers Health Centre who will work with your employer, insurer and nominated treating doctor to develop an agreed plan.

Frequently Asked Questions for Injured Workers

I have injured myself at work, what do I do?
Report the injury to your employer immediately.
This will enable you to receive treatment and income support if necessary. You may not receive compensation if you resign prior to reporting the injury. Your employer, on request must give you the name and address of their insurer.

See the doctor. 
You have the right to nominate your own treating doctor. The doctor reviews the injury/illness and completes a Work Capacity Certificate, which indicates if you are fit for work.

Put in a Workers Compensation Claim. 
Ask your employer for a claim form, fill it in and give it back to the employer with your work capacity certificate. Keep a copy of all documentation including claim forms, receipts etc.

Contribute to your Injury Management Plan. 
This plan must be developed with you, your employer, the insurer and your treating doctor. This plan should then be followed. An Injury Management Plan outlines how services and employment will be coordinated and provided to achieve the best outcome for the injured worker. Strategies and goals for your return to work will be included. Your employer is required to provide you with duties that are safe and suitable for you. If not, your union can assist.
Can I choose my own Rehabilitation Provider?
Workers do in fact have the right to nominate their own provider
as part of the current workers compensation legislation
Can I make a referral to have a Rehabilitation Provider involved?
Yes any person can make a referral for services.

An insurer will review an injured workers case and in consultation with relevant parties determine if a rehabilitation provider is required. Workers Health Centre will liaise with your Insurer and Employer to follow up approval for services.
What is a Rehabilitation Provider and how can they help me?
Rehabilitation Providers are organisations accredited by WorkCover to offer specialised services to help injured workers to return to work. Accredited Rehabilitation

Assess the needs of the injured worker and the workplace requirements to develop a rehabilitation plan of action, listing the services needed to return the injured worker to work.

Employ different health professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and rehabilitation counsellors.

Are referred to by the employer, insurer or the treating doctor to help in complex cases.

Are nominated by the employer in the return to work program. Your employer, in consultation with you and your union, may be able to identify suitable duties and compile a Return to Work Suitable Duties Plan obtaining agreement from you, your Union and your Treating Doctor.
How can the Workers Health Centre help me?
Workers Health Centre can assist with the following services below:

Assess your individual needs.

Provide information about your injury and recovery.

Maintain regular contact with you and all parties involved in your rehabilitation to ensure a safe return to work.

Facilitate treatment services to enhance your recovery.

Provide ongoing support throughout your recovery and rehabilitation.

Provide advice about modifications to your job.

Establish programs to gradually increase your hours and duties at work.

Provide information about aids and equipment.

If necessary, we will assist you to find new employment (this may include vocational counselling and retraining).
Does the Union remain involved in my rehabilitation?
If you choose to have your Union involved, Workers Health Centre will maintain regular communication with you and your Union Delegate and will communicate with your Employer any concerns you may be having with your rehabilitation.
How can I make a referral to the Workers Health Centre?
You must have a claim number; you can obtain this from your Employer if your Insurer has not notified you already.

Inform your Employer and Union of your desire to have Workers Health Centre as your Rehabilitation Provider. Complete the Referral Form and send to Workers Health Centre as well as providing a copy to your Employer. Workers Health Centre will contact you, your Employer, Insurer and Unions. Rehabilitation services cannot commence without Insurer or Employer approval. Should an Insurer or Employer not approve rehabilitation services and/or your employer has insisted on engaging their preferred provider not nominated by you, you should contact WorkCover Assistance Lance (13 10 50) advise them of this.

WorkCover will review the circumstances and may contact the relevant parties on your behalf.
How can I change my current Rehabilitation Provider?
Your Insurer will require documentation as to why you would like to change and to whom you would like to change to.

Once you have forwarded your documentation to the Insurer, complete the Workers Health Centre Referral Form and provide a copy to your employer and to Workers Health Centre. Workers Health Centre will then contact the Insurer.

If an Insurer does not approve a chance in Rehabilitation Provider, you may discuss this with WorkCover Claims Assistance on 13 10 50.
What is a Return to Work Plan?
When a worker returns on suitable duties with restrictions, the Employer/ Return to Work Coordinator or Rehabilitation Provider must write a Return to Work Plan. This plan must be regularly monitored by the Return to Work Coordinator of Rehabilitation Provider. Physical restrictions, suitable duties, hours worked, supervision arrangements and treatment times and dates must be clearly outlined in the Return to Work Plan. The Return to Work Plan needs to be compiled in consultation with you, your Employer, Union and Treating Doctor.

Parties must sign and agree to the Return to Work Plan.

For more information please refer to Guidelines for Return to Work Programs 2014. This document can be downloaded from the WorkCover NSW website:
Who do I contact if I need assistance?
Let your employer know – Speak with your employer and let them know of any issues you may be having with your rehabilitation and return to work plan, you may want to have your Union present to assist in outlining your issues. Best outcomes come through effective consultation.

Let your Union Delegate know.

Contact the Workers Health Centre.

WorkCover Assistance Service: 13 10 50
Should I contact my Union if I am injured at work?
Most definitely, your Union can help by assisting in identifying suitable duties and ensuring parties are adhering to any work arrangements. Unions can be an advocate on your behalf, if you are having difficulties with your Return to Work Plan.
How can I get more Information?
Contact Workers Health Centre, we welcome enquiries and will endeavour to answer your questions and/or direct to how you can obtain further assistance.

Ready to get started?

An overview guide to the process in which we assist with your workplace rehabilitation.

1. Initial Interview

Have a meeting with your case manager to assess your needs and decide on rehabilitation goals.

2. Treating Doctors

The case managers will liaise with your doctor and/or treating health professionals to discuss your current status and develop a realistic goal for your safe return to work.

3. Rehabilitation Program

The case manager will work with your to devise a rehabilitation plan to suit your individual needs. The purpose of the rehabilitation plan is to identify the services and time frames required to assist you in your return to work.

Once your doctor has certified you fit to return to work, the case manager will document a graded return to work plan agreed to by all parties (ie: you, your employer, your doctor and your case manager).

As your condition improves your duties and hours will be upgraded according to the advice of your treating doctor. The case manager will regularly monitor your progress in the workplace. All parties will be kept informed of your progress

4. Case Closure

Once you have reached your fullest potential your case manager will monitor you for one month to ensure your return to work is safe and successful. The case manager will inform all parties of your case closure.